World Bamboo Day 2018


September 18, 2018

World Bamboo Day is an international celebration of all things bamboo! Where bamboo grows naturally, it is a daily element but its use has not always been sustainable due to exploitation. Boogalli Bicycles Limited aims to protect our natural resources and the environment, to ensure sustainable utilization and promote new cultivation of bamboo to support local economic growth and development.


Annual Bicycle Tour

Join us for our annual Bamboo Bicycle Tour that will help promote awareness of the hundreds of uses for bamboo and its importance to Ugandan communities. Heading south west out of Kampala, the multi-day stage tour will wind 458 kilometers to the Echuya Bamboo Forest Reserve. The ride will feature stopovers at beautiful campsites, bamboo groves and community centers. 

Planting Bamboo

More Information

For more details, budget information, or to find out how to register for this amazing event, please contact:

Kasoma      +256.782.370048 or
John           +256.782.432688