Boogaali Bikes Uganda Limited

How to Order


1. We need to get to know you!

Use the contact form to send us an email and let us know what you're thinking or to ask any questions you may have. Or, just send an email to:  

2. Here's what we will need to know:

- Rider height & weight

- What type of frame? (Road, MTB, Gravel)

- What size frame?

- What type of brakes do you plan? (Caliper, Disc)

- What type of drivetrain/groupset? (1x, 2x)

- What type of head tube? (straight, tapered)

- What size wheels/tires do you plan?

- Any other special requests?

3. Pricing

All standard, round tube frames are priced the same at $500 USD (€455) plus shipping. Cargo bike frames are priced at $800 USD (€725). 

Options Customized to your order:

Flat or oval tubes: + $100 USD (€90)

Curved top tube: + $100 USD (€90)

Multi-colored bark cloth + $25 USD (€23)

Bike rack mounts / Extra Bottle Cage Boss + $15 USD (€14)

Name or other graphics on frame + $15 USD (€14)

We use Express Mail services from Uganda.