Boogaali Bikes Uganda Limited

Road Bike Frames

BR-13 Road Racing Frame


The racing model features flat top tubes and oval seat tubes to improve aerodynamic characteristics and reduce weight.

BR-13 Road Frame


The sky is the limit when it comes to your build. Our frame can accommodate a variety of groupsets, brakes and wheels.

BR-13 Standard Model


The standard road bike frame uses classic round bamboo tubes with internal or external cable routings depending on your preference.



While bamboo may not match carbon fiber for weight, it delivers wonderful ride characteristics. This bike weighs 9.3 kg (20.6#) 

Hand Crafted Artistry


Boogaali uses all natural materials such as hand made bark cloth from the Mutuba tree to add strength and beauty to our frames.

One of a Kind Beauty


Because each piece of bamboo selected is different, no two bamboo frames are the same even among the same model.