Boogaali Bikes Uganda Limited

Gravel / Adventure Frames

GR-9 Gravel Bike


The GR-9 is one of the most versatile frames around! Equally at home on either the tarmac or gravel roads. 

Our Most Popular Frame


The GR-9 Gravel / Adventure bike is our biggest seller. Still, you will never see two GR-9s exactly the same!

The Versatile GR-9


The GR-9 provides a comfortable ride and can be built according to a wide variety of configurations to suit your preference.

Attention to Detail


Each Boogaali frame is built by hand one at a time to painstaking detail. Our craftsmen have a passion for bamboo and an even greater passion for cycling.

Proven Performance


In 2017, twenty-four GR-9 Gravel bikes completed a grueling 600 mile ride around Lake Victoria from Kampala, Uganda to Mwanza, Tanzania, without a single failure! 

GR-9 Durability


Bamboo is significantly more durable than carbon fiber and has marvelous vibration damping characteristics. This bike weighs in at 9.8 kg (21.6 #)